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Boro Noragi - Thick, Layered, Weathered Indigo Cottons


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Hand sewn cotton boro 襤褸 noragi. 

Boro is a Japanese form of recycling coming from an economic necessity in which fabric is patched on the reverse side to preserve the usability.  The beauty comes from the unintentional artistry created from layers of mending.

This jacket is heavy and warm and shows many years of use, but it still in excellent condition given its age.

The proper outside is lightly soiled. It is possible that this may be removed with a washing in a light quilt soap. Regardless, the front is certainly suitable for display and shows a striking arrangement of variegated indigo cottons.

The proper inside has several patches to reinforce areas of heavy use and beautiful sashiko stitching. It has a striking visual appeal and wonderful atmosphere.

This noragi balances a blend of what most collectors seek in boro - a visual aesthetic of artfully constructed patchwork that gives a "modernist" feel and years of hard wear, tattered ground, and sashiko repair.

Early to mid 1900's

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