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Katazome Baby's Kimono - Hagoromo or angel's cloak motif


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Seen here is a baby's indigo dyed cotton kimono with an elegant, moving hagoromo katazome motif. It is in excellent condition, lined with indigo dyed cotton and appears unworn.

Hagoromo is a rather uncommon motif in katazome stencils - there are a few excellent examples floating around Pinterest.

The "hagoromo" or "feather mantle" is derived from the story of the mortal who stole an angel's cloak and so prevented her return to heaven is very widely spread. It exists, with variations and complications, in India, China, Japan, the Liu Chiu Islands and Sweden. The story of Hasan in the Arabian Nights is an elaboration of the same theme. In the Noh play of the same name, a priest finds the Hagoromo, the magical feather-mantle of a Tennin, an aerial spirit or celestial dancer, hanging upon a bough. She demands its return. He argues with her, and finally promises to return it, if she will teach him her dance or part of it. She accepts the offer.

Early to mid-1900's
Length: 27"; Width: 28"

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