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Shibori Futon - Indigo Dyed Bats


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Multiple shibori techniques have been used on this three panel futon cover. A truly unique design, it appears that there are two motifs - one of bats and the other a double kumo (spider web) shibori). On top of this appears to be a deep black indigo katazome (though possibly shibori again) - grid like stencil. 

The futon itself is made from hand spun cotton and the indigo used is certainly botanical. It is in good condition with no significant holes and some light staining (see detailed photos). It could be possible that these could be removed with a light quilt soap, though I have not tried. These flaws do not detract from the overall bold presence of the design. 

Early to mid 1900's
Dimensions: 30" wide; 60" long

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