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Shibori Kimono - Asanoha (Hemp Leaf Pattern)


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Deep indigo dyed kanoko shibori outlining an asanoha pattern (hemp leaf) 

Kanoko Shibori, the most popular variation of the shibori technique, involves tying cloth in small pinches to achieve the desired pattern. Each individual knot is hand-tied, creating small variations in the shapes, and is carefully released by a craftsman one at a time. Here the the shibori dots form a hemp leaf pattern. It is a familiar design that is often used for baby clothing as it is believed to bestow health and long life. The triangle denotes protection against evil, and Asanoha, an aggregate of triangles, conveys a meaning of strength and beauty.

In excellent condition without rips, repairs, or stains. A bold, graphic kimono in near perfect condition and ready for display.

Mid 1900's

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