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Silk Yosegire Juban - Vegetable Dyed Silks


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An exceptional yosegire pieced silk juban.

Various silks (crepe, figured, pongee, wild silk) have been patched together to give this bold and dramatic effect. This hagi-isho juban would be worn underneath a kimono. 

All of the dyes in this example have come from vegetables - safflower, purple grass root, and indigo. A fantastic array of collectible early silks are present as well - komon, stripes, and silk kasuris. Please see the photos for additional details. 

In excellent condition for its age without rips or tears. Some slight discoloration in the sleeves, but otherwise in great condition. Suitable for display or wear.  

Late 1800s to early 1900s.
Dimensions: Width 50", Length 53"

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