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Boro Noragi - Katazome Florals & Butterflies


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A stunning woman's boro noragi - the inside reveals a mesmerizing construction of repairs and reinforcements, held together with hundreds of sashiko stitches.

The main bodice of the garment is reinforced with dozens of variegated indigo cottons in an array of hues.

The true beauty and artfulness of this piece is in the sleeves. The maker, in an attempt to preserve the sleeves, sourced scraps that echoed the design of the original katazome cloth. When we look at the proper inside we can see a beautiful arrangement of different katazome patches with floral and butterfly motifs. 

This is one of the finest examples from my collection of Japanese boro and pieces like this are becoming increasingly difficult to find in the market anymore. I am proud to be able to offer it here.

It is in overall good condition, with a few holes in the sleeves and seen in the photos. Please feel free to reach out directly with any questions or if you would like to request additional photos. 

Early 1900's
Dimensions: Length: 26.5"; Width: 48"