Sashiko Noragi - Shonai Step and Weave


One of the most visually arresting sashiko jackets from my collection. This sashiko noragi is from Shonai, Yamagata prefecture.

The entirety of this jacket is dyed with a deep and natural indigo. It is densely stitched with thousands of single stitches, or hitomezashi, which are threaded in a step and weave pattern. 

The stitches themselves have created a textured pattern on the surface of the fabric, which gives it a wonderfully soft hand. With the passing of time and with wear, the pattern has gradually emerged, as the thread color has faded faster than that of the cloth. 

Most notable is the reinforcement underneath the armpits and across the chest. This gives the appearance that two coats have been mended together to create one. Quite visually impressive. There is also a handsome striped collar which is traditional of jackets from this region. 

These coats are becoming harder and harder to come by in the market. I purchased this from Japan about ten years ago and am happy to offer it here. 


In excellent condition and for those interested, it is very wearable.

Early 1900's
Dimensions: Length 34.5", Width 34.5", Pit to Pit 23"

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