Boro Fisherman's Jacket


This is a heavily worn boro fisherman's kimono. The overcoat is made of several layers of handspun cottons and shows many years of use. It's in excellent condition given its age, without any major damage or soiling. 

I am a fan of the proper outside (pictures 4 and 5) of the garment - the fading and wear to the jacket is just stunning and makes for a beautiful interior display.

The inside exemplifies what most collectors are looking for in an exceptional boro garment: a beautiful, artful array of patches and dense sashiko repairs. Both shima and checked cottons are used for the majority of the patches in this example. A few examples of kasuri cottons can be found on the front and back. 

Overall this is an exceptional example of a boro garment. As pieces are becoming harder and harder to source this is a wonderful example to start or add to your collection. 

Early 1900's
Dimensions: Sleeve to sleeve: 49.5"; Length: 50;

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