Boro Kimono - Meiji Era Indigo Boro Kimono


Solid indigo kimono made of many, many indigo boro mending patches. 

This kimono is heavy and warm and shows many years of use. It is in excellent condition given its age. 

The piece nicely balances what most collectors seek in boro - an interior that presents a striking visual array of artfully constructed patchwork with an exterior that presents the right amount of wear to the ground cloth as not to be distracting.

The centerpiece here is the kimono's interior - a strong patchwork of variegated indigo cottons - complimented only by a few patches of stripes and checks. It is simply a mesmerizing construction of repairs and reinforcement, held together with hundreds of sashiko stitches.

It is in overall excellent condition.

Early 1900's
Dimensions: Sleeve to sleeve: 45"; Length: 48.5";