Omi-Jofu Kasuri Child's Kimono - Fans and Cherry Blossoms


Omi-jofu is a hemp cloth from Shiga prefecture, and is known to be an exceptional finely woven and collectible example of bast fiber weaving.

The kasuri motif here  in this case is a flurry of fans and cherry blossoms.

Multiple threads are used to add a semamori protective talisman down the back. Further semamori are added to the front, decorating the sash.

The fine kasuri fabric is offset with a brilliant aqua blue cotton which is used to partially line the sleeve and also as a sash.

Pristine condition aside from a small bit of discoloration found on one side of one of the sashes.

Early-mid twentieth century

Dimensions:  31 x 37″ (78 x 93cm)

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