Boro Noragi - Tattered Fisherman's Workcoat


This is a heavy, well worn indigo Japanese boro fisherman's noragi made from a wonderful assortment of layered botanical indigo dyed solid and striped cottons.

This is a Japanese fisherman's boro noragi (ragged workcoat). 

The jacket is made from a wonderful assortment of indigo dyed cottons which have been layered and held together with hundreds of sashiko stitches to reinforce, repair, and prolong the life of the jacket. 

The proper outside cotton has an exquisitely soft hand from decades of wear. The detailed photographs here illustrate how the outer surface had been abraded in several areas to reveal the layer beneath. It gives a fantastic texture throughout while retaining strong integrity overall. 

The inside is an array of variegated solid and shima (striped) cottons and displays beautifully. There is a small loss to one of the sleeves, however it does not distract from its overall desirability as a collector's piece of historic Japanese workwear.

Late 1800s to early 1900s
Dimensions: 46 x 41 in; 117 x 104 cm

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