Tsutsugaki Indigo Wedding Futon Cover - Baku motif


This is a large, well worn indigo tsutsugaki wedding futon cover with baku (tapir) motif. 

Futonji, bed covers, were a common bridal trousseau item in early-modern Japan. A bedcoving such as this may have been made by the bride before marriage (in very rural areas,) or more likely commissioned by the bride’s family.

The futonji was often decorated with auspicious symbols of good luck, fertility, happiness, or long life. They could also be emblazoned with the bride's or groom's family crest as seen here.

Baku are imaginary creatures and are modeled after tapir. The motif was adopted by the Japanese from Chinese mythology. They are said to consume nightmares and protect dreamers while they sleep.  

In overall good condition. Small areas of loss to the upper right hand panel, some staining, and few boro repairs. Nothing that detracts from the overall presentation. A wonderful piece for your collection. 

Early 1900's
Dimensions: Length: 66"; Width: 56"

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